What's been happening at Norley CE Primary School?

As always we are very proud of our village school and we are becoming more popular in the local area. Our school choir have sung with the choir Ashton Sings Choir in their summer concert for 3 years now. This year, Martin Jones, conductor, suggested we introduce a spring concert so, we have been working together to bring this into reality.  We have some of our children that are learning instruments, joining in. The concert will be held in Norley CE Primary School Hall on Monday 30th March at 7pm. Everyone is welcome. Tickets are priced at £4 and £2, these are available from the school office. All proceeds will go to charities nominated by the school and Ashton Sings Choir.

The choir are also performing at Weaverham High School Music Concert on Thursday 2nd April.


The rest of the school have also been busy, some children working with our resident artist Ian Fennelly. Ian is from the Wirral and is an ex teacher. He specialises in urban sketches and travels around our country as well as Europe delivering workshops on location. Visit his website to find out more about him. www.ianfennelly.co.uk . His most recent project in school was to make robot sculptures with class 3.


Another exciting day involved the Fun Food Chef visiting school and working with all the children. He taught us about healthy food, how to make it and enjoy it. Every class made some Greek food and enjoyed eating it even more. They forgot they were eating healthy food!! We will be inviting him back to school in the future.


Our PCSO Steve joined us on E-safety Day in February and delivered workshops to each class and staff and parents after school. We are constantly reminding our children about how to keep safe online and with their phones. It is nice to have a day where we share what we do and know with parents.


The PTFA ( Parents, Teachers and Friends Association) have been working hard to raise money to spend on our children. The children have been asking for a slide down the bank, in the school grounds, number of years. The PTFA have just about raised enough money for this now and we will see the installation very soon. The children and some staff, will be so excited. One of the events the PTFA organised was a ‘Break the Rules’ day. The children paid to break the school rules. Some came to school in trainers, wearing jewellery, own clothes and with nail varnish. It was fun for the children and raised a good amount towards the slide fund. Our PTFA have some fabulous ideas that involve the whole family.


This is just a taster of what is going on in Norley CE Primary School. Please feel free to pop in and catch up on what we are doing.






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