Class 1 2020 - 2021

Miss Williams






Class 1 2020

A warm welcome to all of our new starters this September. We are so proud of how they have settled themselves into school life and look forward to an exciting year of learning ahead!

The children have been enjoying exploring the classroom, both indoors and out. They have been familarising themselves with the daily routine and have done an amazing job at creating a set of class rules to follow.

The autumn term 1 topic is Superhero Me. The children will be getting up to lots of fun activities. Please see our autumn term curriulum letter for more information.



The homework menu for autumn half term 1 is now avaliable for you to view. 


Year 6 buddies

Class 1 had a wonderful time meeting their buddies (from afar) and each child received a lovely letter. The children were very excited to have their own letter from their buddies and they shared these during show and tell. 


The Evil Peas

The children came to school to find the classroom littered with peas! The children got to work investigating where they had come from and why. They decided they must be the evil peas from the story Supertato.

Each day more and more peas arrived so the children decided to write to Supertato for help! Watch this space to see if he comes to their rescue!


Super Vegetables to the rescue🥔🥕🌽

Class 1 have defeated the evil peas with the help of Supertato! The children designed and created their own vegetables which trapped the evil peas and sent away! The children had so much fun buying their vegetables from our pop up shop, designing and then making their vegetables. They look fantastic and they have now formed part of our literacy sessions where the children are now writing their own super vegetable stories! Check out our photos to see the vegetables in action! 


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