Thank you, we are so proud!

Some of our children from school are counting the miles that they are doing on their daily (permitted) exercise and indeed pushing them selves that little bit further.  They starting counting miles last Monday and planned to count them for three weeks (as that was how long we definitely knew we would be in lock down for - who knows after that ??!!).

Anyway in just one week they have walked/cycled etc 400.5 miles. Their target is 1000 miles and £1000 for the mid Cheshire Foodbank  - so far they have £240.

Details are on the Norley Parents facebook page so any one can still join and every mile or 1/2 mile counts. A huge thank you goes to Mrs Howard and her boys for organising this.

Latest update, 12th may 2020: The children counting their miles to raise money for the food bank have completed their task covering 1263.4 miles in 3 weeks !!! That's an average of over 29 miles a week, some children doing many more - they have so far raised £505 !!!

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