Petty Pool

Petty Pool, the most exciting trip that Class 3 and 4 have been on in a while!  With all of the amazing outdoor activities to do, ranging from  climbing walls to archery.  The children of Norley School thought it was fantastic.


When we did archery, we learnt how to shoot a bow and arrow.  We even played some entertaining games!  First, the instructors, who were named Jan and Jim, walked us through the forest leading the way to the archery range. When we got there, we had our first shots as archers, then we played a game call build a burger.

Climbing Wall

On the climbing wall there were lots of little handles to grab on to which could help you get to the top. Your friends would pull the rope and help you make your way to the top.  Even though some people are scared of heights, they still made it to the top.

Crate stack

The crate stack was where we were put into groups and one person would go on the top of a crate tower.  The group would build the tower higher and higher until the person on the tower wanted to stop.  Then everyone would get out of the way and the person would jump off (in a harness) and kick the crates over! The highest we built was 13 crates!


The perfect end to a perfect day. After Dan gave us the safety talk about being around the campfire, some marsh mallows were pulled out of their bags, ready to be eaten.  We used specially carved sticks to put our marsh mallows on, then we toasted them on the on a fire.

Finally, that was that, we got on the bus and started our final journey back to school.  Within minutes we had arrived back at school, just in time for the end of the day. Thank you to everyone for making this trip possible.


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