Our Special Community

Norley is such a lovely community to be a part of. The support for our school, staff and children, has been phenomenal. We are doing our best with the resources we have and this has been widely recognised by so many people. I want to share some of the beautiful messages we have been sent so you recognise what lovely people you are.

Firstly, Ofsted encouraged parents to write to them if they were unhappy with the standard of remote learning their schools were providing. One of our parents took them up on this opportunity.


Dear Ofsted,


Just to let you know how wonderful my son’s school – Norley Church of England Primary School in Norley, Cheshire has been in response to the current lockdown. The education they have and continue to provide for my son, who is in Year 6, during this time has been nothing short of fantastic.

Having had so little advance warning, in less than 48 hours all his classes have been adapted to accommodate online as well as in school (key worker provision) teaching.

Lessons continue to be informative, challenging and purposeful with staff managing new technologies. They have my utmost respect and heartfelt thanks.

Again, and again the teachers, headteachers, admin teams, teaching assistants and all members of the school community have stepped up to the challenges this pandemic has given them.


I sincerely hope you acknowledge this at Norley C of E Primary School, along with all educational settings up and down the country. This pandemic is giving you an opportunity to reflect on the manner in which your organisation conducts itself and the time to implement changes. Please use that time well.


I’ve just seen the message about parents staying with pupils to ensure social distancing. I know how stressful the situation is. I noticed Mrs Kelly this morning as the pupils tried to pile in. It was very stressful for me watch and very stressful for Mrs Kelly. You guys are doing an amazing job!!

With so many children in school I know you all will be stretched. I want to thank you all for keeping us safe. I know the new routine not easy but we will get used to it. We have to. I’m hoping people are kind to you all, and praise you all as well. But please don’t regard negative comments! You are doing an amazing job.  I would like to buy cakes for all staff if they are allowed?    We appreciate you all.


Dear All, just wanted to email to say how much all of your hard work is appreciated.
Thank you and best wishes.


Morning, hope you are all well. A huge thank you to the staff for getting some work up on the first day yesterday. It was much appreciated.


I also wanted to thank you for the amazing job you continue to do in supporting our children access their education and keep a sense of normality for them in these awful times, I know it must be very difficult circumstances for you to be working under.


Thanks for the update and the great support and education you and the school are providing in such difficult circumstances.


We are really thankful and want you to know that you’re all doing an awesome job!


We just wanted to take the opportunity to send a big thank you to you and all the staff at Norley. A special thank you to Miss Williams who I know has her own challenges at home at the moment. XXX has had a great week and has arrived home happy and content. A true testament of her wonderful nurture and care. Even in such challenges times the children are happy and enjoying school life.


You have all been heroes this week! I have found the past 72 hours the most challenging of my career to date! So we can only imagine how you must be feeling as a head.


We hope that you have received lots of positive praise from parents this week and wish you could pass over to any disgruntled emails you may have received! We shall continue to fly the teacher flag for you all!


Thank goodness it is Friday tomorrow!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, far away from DfE documents, risk assessments and emails!


Norley is an amazing school and you have an amazing team, it must be so hard for you all.

We will get through it.


Best wishes to you and all the staff at the start of a very strange and difficult 2021.

What a way to start the year.

I am sure that you will all do the very best for all the children both in school and those learning from home.

You are a great team and will get through these challenging times together.

I will miss my time in school and look forward to coming back when the children return.

Take care and keep safe.

Love and best wishes


Just to wish you a very happy weekend, you are doing a fantastic job holding our little community together.  I hope you are getting enough time for you as well.  Please do have a restful weekend wherever possible x


I'd like to take the opportunity to say thank you and also to offer any help that I can to you and your team during the current lockdown restrictions. Whether it's more mindfulness, or specific support to members of your team or children, space for staff to talk through things or anything else you can think of. 

There is no cost, I simply want to help. Have a think and if you want to speak further then please do get in touch. These are hard times and we need to look after each other. 


Mr Bennett has been frankly wonderful. The work is varied and interesting and how he manages to mark everything and comment so quickly is amazing. 

Thanks so much to all the staff. I think it speaks volumes that all the kids are desperate to get back to school.



I am a firm believer in fate and that things happen for a reason, the situation we find ourselves in has really tested my beliefs recently but knowing that it has made people look out for each other and that people are letting each other know how much they are appreciated, is such a comfort.

Along with these beautiful messages, that have kept us going, we have had a donation of a laptop and printer from a local resident and a generous donation that will enable us to purchase some more Lego WeDo to support our computing lessons.

Thank you everyone, we will get through this together and it will make us stronger.

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