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Our teacher: Miss Heathcote

I am looking forward to a very exciting and productive year ahead. I hope that the children enjoy the new challenges and approaches to learning that Year 1 and 2 has to offer!


This term we will be exploring the topic ‘Little Lords and Ladies’. This will involve looking at castle life and finding out about famous Kings and Queens. The topic will be taught through all areas of the curriculum. In Geography, we will be finding out about where castles are built and why they were built on hills. This will lead us into designing and making our own medieval castles and tools. In Science, we will investigate the suitability of materials for our castles and tools, particularly waterproof materials for the moat. In History, we will be finding out about people who have shaped our lives today, including William the Conqueror. The children will also have the chance to explore The Bayeux tapestry and re-create their own art work in the style of Paul Klee’s ‘Castles and Sun.’

Class 2 have been enjoying a fun week back at school and getting used to new routines. The children will be focusing on The Great Fire of London as part of their Fire! Fire! topic.
The children kicked off this topic by making bread on the firepit! This was lots of fun and we are excited about what we will be finding out about during this topic!
Great Fire of London dance
Class 2 have started to put together a dance to show the events of The Great Fire of London. The children have enjoyed being fire and spreading through the town!
Visit from PCSO David
Class 2 enjoyed a visit from David and were very lucky to explore the police van and try on some uniform!
Forest schools
What a fun forest school session class  have had! The children got to have a go at making their own fires and went on a mini beast hunt too! The children found frogs, ladybirds and lots of worms which they put under a music rope to observe in closer detail.
The Great Fire of London 
Class 2 have been creating a timeline of events in chronological order to show the events that occurred from 2-6th September 1666. The children then used Lego to create a miniature pudding lane capturing the events from each of the days. What a fantastic job they did! 
Baking bread
Class 2 have had another go at baking bread after working hard to create a set of instructions on how to make bread properly as the first time the instructions were burnt from the Great Fire of London! The children explored how instructions are made up,looking at time connectives, imperative verbs, title and concise sentences. The children wrote their own instructions and used these to make bread again. The results were brilliant! 
A mysterious box
Class 2 were surprised to come into school and discover a spade with a note attached. This note led us to a old dusty box buried in the bushes. The children were amazed when they opened the box and found an empty wine bottle, smelly cheese and a diary! The children are convinced it has come from Samuel Pepys! Watch this space to find out more! 
Science investigation 
Class 2 are investigating materials and choosing  a material suitable for a house roof during The Great Fire of London. Lots of good ideas such as brick and stone! Watch out for our house designs.
Weaver hall Museum
Class 2 have had a fantastic day learning all about The Great Fire of London during a trip to the Weaverhall Museum. The children completed so many activities including exploring how the houses were built and building one, creating a Fire mark, completing household chores of a servant in 1666 and making lavender bags to help them keep away nasty smells! 
It was a such fun! Have a look at our photos! 
Science with Mrs Matthews
Class 2 had a great morning learning all about light and creating their own light box! A big thank you to Mrs Matthews for giving up her time to provide the children with this fantastic session. 
Concentric Circles 
Class 2 have enjoyed learning about the artist Kandinsky and his abstract art. The children created their own concentric circle designs, adding a London skyline to tie in with our current topic on The Great Fire of London. Check out the photos. They are fantastic! 
Poetry with Paul Delaney 
Class 2 have had a fantastic time working on poetry for the poetry festival in November! The poems are brilliant and we can’t wait to share some of them at the poetry festival on 20/11/18! We hope to see you there! 
Rebuilding london
To finish off our fantastic learning on The Great Fire of London the children have been using drama and a time machine! Class 2 travelled back in time and became bakers, citizens of Pudding Lane, Politicans and Civil Guards! The children created a poster to present to the mayor of London with their ideas on how to rebuild London for the better. The children had so much fun and put all of this information into letters typed up on the computer and sent to King Charles! Have a Look at the fantastic photos.
Positive uses of fire
Class 2 have now moved on from the Great Fire of London to look at tribal communities and how they use fire in positive ways. The children have had a visit from a tribal rabbit living in North America. They enjoyed studying the world map and locating North America and the ocean that the rabbit crossed to get to Norley! 
The Rabbit Who Stole The Fire
Class 2 have enjoyed learning all about the tribal story of the rabbit who stole the fire from the sky people. The children have been creating their own narratives using different characters such as squirrels,wolves, bears and even chameleons!
Christmas Production
Themchildren put on an amazing performance at our school play! Class 2 were farm animals and they performed a dance to Tradegy by steps! 
Light Project
Class 2 took part in a whole school light project. The children focused on different Fruiits of the Spirit and our focus was self control. The children enjoyed playing games to support self control and listening to stories about Jesus and how he used self control when tempted in the desert. To help the children regain self control at difficult times they have created self control cards with proverbs to focus the children to make the right choices.
Victory Garden Competition
A selection of children went to Chester to represent school in the recent victory garden competition. The children were delighted to receive a bronze award for all of their hard work growing fruit and vegetables. 
Christmas Journey 
Year 2 children went to Frodsham community centre to take part in the annual Christmas Journey, This was a fantastic way of sharing the message of Christmas with the children. the children had an amazing time!                                                     
Paws, Claws and Whiskers
Happy New Year! Class 2 have kicked off the new year with a new and exciting topic. The children came back to school to find a trashed classroom complete with 6 tiny eggs, The children  got to work using their computing skills to research and decide which animal the eggs came from. They found out that they were dinosaur eggs! The children were extremely excited at the prospective of baby dinosaurs in class 2! So far 4 of the eggs have hatched but no dinosaurs in sight! The children have been using their playtime to search for them using binoculars and magnifying glasses. 
Information booklets
Class 2 have been busy creating information booklet all about dinosaurs. These are fantastic and will be on display in the classroom.
Class 2 are currently having gym sessions with Charlie Oaks from Hartford School of Gymnastics. The children are enjoying learning new skills amd building on those from last year.
Warrington Museum Dinosaur trail
Class 2 have had a fantastic time with Class 1 at Warrington museum. The children learnt all about fossils and were able to handle some dinosaur bones and look closely at dinosaur footprints found in Cheshire! The children took part in 2 exciting workshops where they were able to create clay dinosaurs and go on a dinosaur hunt around the museum!
Plastic or Planet 🌍 
Class 2 kicked off the plastic or planet topic by collecting some reachable waste over half term. The children were amazed when they discovered how much waste each of us get through! The children then became inventors and thought of creatives what to reduce and reuse the waste. the children created pencil pots, bird feeders and lots more things. we decided we wanted to share our inventions with Sir David Attenborough so we wrote letters explaining what we had been doing. 
A Very Exciting Letter
Class 2 were so excited to receive a reply letter from Sir David Attenborough. Check out our reply in the photos section!

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