Class 1 2019 - 2020

Mrs Dunwoody

Remote Learning

Whilst school is closed we will be posting work onto these class pages for children to access.  We hope you appreciate it will be logistically impossible for Staff to mark this work.  Thank you for your support during these difficult times.

Homework Menus

The current menu is valid until the 3rd April.  The children should complete all areas on the menu.  A new menu will be published the week beginning 6th April.  All of this work will be shared when we return to school.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Talk to your child about how they are feeling, help them to understand and listen to what they are saying.  Explain it's OK to feel sad, but we need to find ways to make us happy - What makes them happy?  What do you enjoy doing?

Communication and Language Development

Keep that dialogue going., talking helps them express how they are feeling also provide activities for your child to act out or use their imagination to process what is happening around them.


Within Early Years we cover Number and Shape, Space and Measure.

Number-  Play and practical ideas will enhance your children's learning.  Continue to encourage your children to recognise, order and sequence numbers.  We have been looing at number formation, practice forming the numerals and counting out amounts to match.  This naturally leads on to adding/subtracting small amounts.   We have recently been looking at adding two amounts together to find the same total.  This is called number bonds and is a fun way for your children to manipulate numbers and building number sentences.  We have been doing this with numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.  Previously we have been looking at one more or one less so, introducing the idea of addition and subtraction.

Shape, Space and Measure- We have been using the lanugage of time, last week, yesterday, tomorrow, after lunch, before tea and we have introduced o'clock times.  We have been sharing who is tall and ordeering by length.  The children have enjoyed sorting and ordering items by weight and using heavy and light as comparisons.  Last half term we continued to recognise, name and talk about 2D and 3D shapes.   Please keep these conversations going.

Below is a folder with Maths activities to complete in addition to this, suggested websites are:

Have a look at the lego maths and garden maths activities to see if there is anything to challenge your child.

Literacy Development (English)

Enjoy the pleasure books can bring.  We have been sharing fiction (story) books and non-fiction (information) books - Keep doing this.  Promote reading, also as a way of relaxing and having some down time.  When sharing books talk about the various roles involved, author, illustrator etc.  Talk about the writing, what size the words are? and why are they this way?  Talk about the illustrations, predict what might be happening next, or what could happen.  Share whether they have enjoyed it and why? Would they choose other books by the same author?

Make your own books, encouraging the children to be the author and illustrator..

We have been working on phase 3 sounds  - play matching pairs, go on a sounds hunt.  Do the same with words we have been learning and remember to get those purple pointers out.

Below is a folder with English activities to complete in addition to this, suggested websites are


Mr Thorn phonics


PE - Physical Development

Provide opportunities for large movementsand small movements, encouraging them to move in a variety of ways safely.  We have been starting our day with a variety of hand stretches, ask them to show you.

Encourage then children to recognise the importance of sleep, exercise and food.

Joe Wicks is doing a live class at 9am each morning.

Along with this we have added a list of websites for you to access that will keep your children active!

Understanding the World

Recall our science day event, talk and share what we did and have another go, changing elements- make a magical ice castle, using an old sand bucket and add items and or colours.  Spend time in the garden, discussing the changes we can see happening. › government › publications › early-years-foundation-st.


EYFS Statutory Framework | From pregnancy to children aged 5 › eyfs-statutory-framework


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